Peninsula Coast Walk/Shoot

Meet outside The Bloody Stream, Howth. From there we get a short TAXI ride up to the Summit Car Park. From there we hike down towards the Bailey Lighthouse. Group SPLITS. One group can photo from the cliff tops, one can follow me down a narrow track with a long fall if you slip to the bottom of the cliffs, so don't slip and if you do, make sure to drop your camera gear so we can at least save that!!! ;oP

From the bottom of the cliffs we get a unique view, only if the tide is out or low, that most people don't see as its rarely ever posted on Instagram! LOL We may need torches depending on times for dawn breaking. After our shoot there, we head from the Bailey along the hiking path towards Red Rock and the Bay, and then onto Sutton, stopping along the way for many photo ops. Finally off the cliff path onto the road. We walk to Insomnia Coffee shop for coffees and pastries for Breakfast. Finally people can split up here and either go back to Howth to collect cars if needed, or get the bus across the road back into the city or DART from Sutton.

If interested hit me up via Instagram on 'DublinImages' or PM me here via the site.